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We adhere to the "all staff participation, all staff interaction, all staff service" humanized management mode, adhering to the "meritocracy, performance first, unlimited opportunities" employment mechanism. We provide every employee with an equal, harmonious working environment and a good stage to show their talents. We pay attention to both the economic incentives, such as performance evaluation system, self development, the flexibility of work, the chance of promotion, praise and affirmation, communication, etc., also very the attention economic incentives, as a saying cloud "just not wealth not only also", therefore, perfect salary system, bonuses and other related benefits, all become the way we motivate talent, is also the key factor for companies attract talent, retain talent.

On the strategic planning of talents, we adhere to the strategic principle of "external introduction and internal education". Specifically speaking, in the aspect of talent introduction, we make the corresponding long-term and short-term employment plan according to the company's long-term and short-term strategic objectives, and formulate the job responsibility requirements according to the different positions, and introduce high-quality talents according to the requirements; We constantly carry out skills education and corporate culture education for employees, so as to make the enterprise values run through the whole process and make employees keep a high degree of consistency with the company in understanding. In addition to imparting professional knowledge to employees, we also pay great attention to helping them improve their comprehensive quality. Every year, the company will take part in some management positions to compete for positions through the open competition mechanism. Some employees will also be selected to participate in various vocational training to give full play to their strengths.

The rapid development of the company, really depends on the spirit of cooperation and unremitting efforts of all staff, we sincerely invite you to join us, let us work together for the company's second business to write a brilliant chapter!