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How safe operation of a knapsack sprayer? Factory Suppliers Manufacturers Quotes

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How safe operation of a knapsack sprayer?


This pesticide sprayer on their backs, and both can be dusting spray. Spray droplet issmall, slow sedimentation, floating in the air for a long time, causing the possibility ofpesticide poisoning, should pay special attention to safe operation.

  (L) spraying to arrange the rotation operation of the two people. Such heavy machinery,excessive vibration, labor-intensive, application personnel can easily fatigue, needrotation to rest.

  (2) The application personnel to enhance personal protection. Specially to wear long trousers, and wear a mask, but also wear goggles, dry towel neck top tied, fastened cuffs and trousers mouth with tape, back of Phi pad tarpaulins or plastic film plastic filmaprons, waist circumference.

  (3) before spraying, carefully check the equipment key parts such as kits, infusion tube,and at the joints. Food

  (4) When applying pesticide, "has always been given three" given by the wind start (joborder), to spit. Determine the operating sequence according to the wind direction,generally should be downwind from the first spray rate, the operating sequence and windcontrary; go with the wind as far as possible vertical deviation angle can not be over 45degrees; spit should be consistent with the wind direction to ensure that facilitiesmedicine personnel located in a region drug-free zones. Must not cross or so along the forward direction "Z" shaped spray is not available for targeted spray spray.

  (5) the operation of the sprayer, according to the different growth stages of crops and pest location, determine the height of the nozzle.

  (6) does not spray conditions. Not spray when wind speed is greater than 5 m / sec, do not spray when the wind instability, wind direction and the direction of less than 45 degrees, do not spray the updraft spray, do not spray the leaves too wet electrostatic boxdoes not light not spray the highly toxic pesticide spray, do not emit the sound machine isnot normal, do not spray oil, medicine drip, do not wear protective equipment when notspraying.

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