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According to the power classification from hydraulic nozzles


The nozzle can be classified according to the shape of the spray. Solid nozzle used to control bugs, ticks, bee, dragonfly and ant treatment of gaps and cracks; fan-shaped nozzle spray shape fan-shaped, used for wall residual spraying; hollow cone nozzle for ticks Beauty habitat and plant wax worm habitat treatment; solid cone nozzle used to spray mosquito evil habitat.

  The nozzle type is classified according to the power they use.

  Hydraulic nozzle is usually classified according to the shape of the spray, but the works of all hydraulic nozzles are liquid under pressure ejected from the nozzle tip holes.

  In addition to the solid particle flow nozzle, hydraulic nozzle liquid flow to thin slices and then generate the droplets. This can produce droplets of different sizes, a single droplet size is decided by the flakes.

  If the pressure is too low, large diameter coarse droplets ejected. Holes ejected droplet volume diameter (in the formation of asprayer spray droplets, If the diameter is greater than a numerical droplet volume of diameter less than the value of the volume of all droplets of and exactly half and half, then the value is called the volume in diameter) depends on the design of the holes, but its value decreases gradually with increasing pressure. The output parameters of the holes and the square root of the pressure when the injection rate is not correct, in order to avoid droplet size and spray angle changes, you should replace the nozzle rather than adjust the pressure. Other particles when the water as the medium containing sand or suspended, the use of the spray solution will increase rapidly; when the use of poor quality particulate formulations, nozzle corrosion.Therefore, the nozzle flow needs regular check-ups in order to prevent excessive spraying to insecticide-saving purposes. Hydraulic nozzle hole is very small, in order to prevent the clogging of the tiny particles in the spray liquid nozzle, filter or filters should be installed after the tip of each nozzle. Fan-shaped nozzle: If the wall is the same plane, the most common nozzle is a fan-shaped nozzles. Fan-shaped hole in the nozzle for the oval.The liquid gradually from the narrow borehole flow to bend to the axis of the nozzle holes, the space after the nozzle holes suddenly become narrow, liquid pressure instantly increases ejected. The nozzle size determines the amount under a certain pressure, the spraying.

  Droplets ejected from the standard fan nozzle at the edge section is relatively thin. To make the spray as evenly as possible, spraying is columnar overlap. In order to achieve the long strips of uniform, there is a specially designed "uniform spray" fan-shaped nozzle. In such a nozzle is used for large area, you must pay attention to prevent long overspray.

  Generally, if the parameters for the spray housing, fan-shaped nozzle spray angle of 800 general pressure of 300 kPa, flow 76L / min. If the operating pressure is too low, the spray angle narrowed, larger droplets; On the contrary, if the pressure is too high, resulting in a large number of small droplets in the house could easily lead to aspiration hazard. Regulating valve to maintain the set pressure. Spraying should be and the wall to maintain the correct distance, generally 45 cm. The fan-shaped nozzle can be used to overlap the straight way to achieve the purpose of continuous uniform spray. If you use a narrow spray angle nozzle, when dealing with the operating surface of the need to increase the number of spray rate. Under the same pressure, the wide spray angle nozzles produce smaller droplets.

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