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Hand-held electric ultra low volume sprayer


Hand-held electric ultra low volume sprayer    

The hand-held electric ultra low volume sprayer bottle, spray pumps, motors and handles composition, in addition to sealing the nozzle of a small motor is made of metal, most of the remaining components of the plastic parts.

  Nozzle including a nozzle body, flow, turntable. Flow's role is to transport and control of liquid flow, the flow of the most mouth who are .2 and selection intends · 4 aperture in three sizes, for different spray operational requirements. Dial points to the former gear and rear gear, to make the droplet more uniform, two chainring outer edge of the semi-cone teeth of teeth 360 to salt the less the adhesion of the droplet surface in the turntable.The motor is mounted on the nozzle internal DC micro-motor, series 8 l AA battery-powered motor switch mounted on the handle.

  Handheld electric ultra low volume sprayer, high-speed rotation of the DC micro-motor-driven turntable, the liquid is shed turntable Central to connect to the bottle n drugs Road and the flow, with the turntable rotating liquid under the centrifugal force and atomization air impact, the formation of the droplet size to an average of 50? 70 Section m fine mist flow, the use of natural wind child shift spray. As the droplet is very small, not only settlement in the windward side and the horizontal surface of plant stems and leaves, can also be brought to the back of the stems and leaves attached, so the prevention and treatment results were better. Note: during the spraying time for morning and evening is appropriate; operator should spray in the sprayer on the limelight; should stop operating when the wind is greater than three.

  Hand-held electric ultra-low t sprayer, small size, light weight t, simple structure, easy maintenance, high efficiency, drug use, low cost, wide adaptation, ideal for pest control on the courtyard lawn, flowers, hedges, bushes, etc. can also be used for indoor and public places, health and epidemic prevention and disinfection work. More domestic production of hand-held electric ultra-low sprayer manufacturers, the technical parameters of the main products are listed in Table 7. Pay special attention to the electrical part of routine maintenance on the hand-held electric ultra low volume sprayer. Each time the work is completed, After washing, the remaining liquid of the liquid bottle should be poured, and then Sheng Renqing lotion several spray Zmin about, in order to rinse flow, rotary table and bottle holder. other parts liquid dry attached available cloth cover rub the soap in the net, and then stretched out at the motor shaft with grease and put on the jacket, the nozzle into the water to wash. In the use of a cycle or required every few days to re-use, you should remove the batteries to prevent battery deterioration of corrosion parts. Turntable should be after the end of the season once Prevention, motor split out from the nozzle body, carefully wipe the drug dirt overhaul. Clear base and bearing fouling the motor apart and used gasoline to wipe the brush on the commutator surface wear spots with the finest sandpaper polish. Re-installed, bad brushes should be replaced. Wait until the motor rotation normal and then install the nozzle body, and the motor shaft protection kit, plus the new grease. Nozzle is operating normally, you can wear a protective cap to be stored in clean, dry exercise, stable position.


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