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Ultra-low the most sprayers


Centrifugal nozzle, which is characterized by the use of centrifugal force, atomized high-speed rotation of the component to throw the liquid spread it out and form a tiny droplet.Droplet by gravity and natural wind-driven wind deposition on the plant. Ultra low volumesprayer spraying, the pharmacy without dilution or just add a small amount of dilution water droplet 15 to 75 microns in diameter, evenly distributed. Strong adhesion, less medication and lasting effect is very promising application techniques.

  Many types of ultra-low the most sprayers, handheld, backpack, towed and self-propelled. These special models, there are also used along with the change in theknapsack sprayer duster with ultra-low amount of centrifugal nozzle to ultra-low volume spraying.

  Centrifuged in ultra low volume sprayer nozzle, depending on the atomization device structure is divided into two kinds of turntable and the cage. Rotary centrifugal nozzleatomization component is a double disc of a peripheral toothed chainring on the wind wheel, high-speed rotating airflow. Liquid from the axis into gear, was thrown out to theatomizer. This nozzle is used to hand-held ultra low volume sprayers and knapsack windsprayers, ultra-low spray. Transfer cage centrifugal nozzle atomization element is acylindrical metal mesh, with a wind wheel fixed together, spraying by strong air-drivenhigh-speed rotation of the liquid through the hollow shaft into the cage in the rotationalong the around the cage to scatter out of atomized into fine droplets, the nozzle to spraythe amount of change to adapt to the range used for aerial spraying equipment.

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