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High-range ultra-low and sprayer


3 WG-400 high range of Ultra Low Volume Sprayer is the recent application of the newly developed by the forestry sector in the tall trees to spray pesticide ultra low volume sprayer. The machine is a tractor type, consisting of rack, transmission, fan, nozzle and steering mechanism, the spray device, drug supply system.

  The power transmission system from the tractor PTO shaft universal joint drive and belt drive, all the way to the belt drive driven fan, ~ Lu-driven pump nozzle steering handle in the cab through the runner system to manipulate. powerful airflow generated by the fan was ejected through the nozzle, on the one hand, the mule to move the high-speed rotation of the the atomization turntable of the spray device, the other hand, further atomized droplets will be sent to the liquid spraying the target steering mechanism according to spray The drugs need to rotate the nozzle direction.

  The spray device is a combination of a combination of rotary centrifugal nozzle, pneumatic nozzle atomization spray device from the vent, divert the composition of the cones, bearings, impeller, atomization turntable rotary centrifugal nozzle installed in the high-speed air flow nozzle vent liquid from the pump conveying guide before the two turntable middle, with the rotation of the turntable, the liquid in the centrifugal force thrown by the turntable edge. Liquid centrifugal force to overcome gravity and air resistance is greater than the liquid surface tension and cohesive force, the formation of filaments or sheets, and then broken into small droplets. When the process of liquid formed in the dial edge of the droplet, the droplet meaning of the numerous group and its centrifugal force perpendicular to the high-speed airflow is cut into small uniform droplets by high-speed airflow to the height of trees and pest control. For the medicine cabinet, filter, pump, flow control valves, piping and other components of drug delivery systems. Liquid flow through the filter in the pump pressure from the medicine chest, pump control valve is divided into two way flow back to the medicine cabinet, hydraulic agitator stirring the liquid, the cavity. atomization.

  Another road centrifugal nozzle pipe by the liquid switch to the atomizer, rotary dial 3 WG-400 range of ultra low volume sprayer main technical parameters: Machine weight 400kg; kits capacity 400L; ultra low volume spray fog vertical range of 30m, the level of a range of 40m; fan speed 2500r / min; pump speed 2250r / min; nozzle corner of the range of 0 ° to 270 °; the atomization turntable speed of 8000 ~ 10000r / min; sprayer export wind speed 60m / s; motive power is 26kw more than wheeled or crawler tractors; the output shaft speed of the tractors Discovery 524r / min; ultra low volume droplet diameter of 52 to 91 microns, a low amount of 93 to 103 microns. 3 WG-400 high range of Ultra Low Volume Sprayer supporting strong, versatile addition to hanging in a tractor tire or clog with more than 26kw, but also 14. 7kw portable gasoline-powered minivan trunk . composition of the vehicle range sprayer. Tractor range of ultra-low mane sprayer applies to forest or nursery, orchard trees ultra-low volume or low volume of spray pesticide. The vehicle-mounted high range of Ultra Low Volume Sprayer for pest control operations in urban gardens and street trees, green trees.

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